Angus (Bovine Cattle)

Comparative and Distribution


Trials in northern and southern Australia have shown that Angus cattle are early finishing with good growth, eye muscle and yield. CRC crossbreeding research in northern Australia over Brahman cows shows that Angus have more marbling and the highest MSA eating quality results when compared to other breed crosses


In the Southern Crossbreeding Project conducted by South Australian and Victorian researchers, Angus cross calves had the lowest birth weights, similar growth to weaning and in the feedlot, finished earliest and produced the most marbling.


Angus are a truly international breed, they are the dominant breed in the USA, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.


In Australia one in four cattle registered are Angus plus at bull sales, 30% of cattle sold are Angus.


Angus have also spread to South Africa, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Germany and of course they still remain popular in Britain