Brahman (Zebu Cattle)

Comparative and Distribution


Studies at the University of Missouri found that Brahman and European cattle thrive equally well at temperatures down to 8° F.


They found that European cattle begin to suffer adversely as the air temperature goes above 70° F, showing an increase in body temperature and a decline in appetite and milk production as 75° F, is passed. Brahmans, on the other hand, show little effect from temperatures up to and beyond 105° F.


Although heat tolerance is only one factor in environmental adaptation of cattle, it is considered the most important. 


Another factor contributing to the great heat tolerance of Brahmans, discovered in the Missouri studies, is that they produce less internal body heat in warm weather than do cattle of European breeds. Waste heat is produced from feed at the expense of growth and milk production. 


The Brahman is very popular and has been exported from the USA to many beef cattle producing countries including Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and Australia